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New 4KSDI-Mini w. MFT-mount & 4K/120fps Volucam

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

London, ON, November 9th 2020 - We've been busy expanding our camera product families with several new models being released in the near future. See below for two exciting announcements and stay tuned for more in the coming weeks!

New 4KSDI-Mini with MFT-Mount

Now available for our popular 4KSDI-Mini cameras are new models with Micro Four Thirds (MFT) lens mount.

This popular lens mount enables a variety of new lenses to be used with either our 4KSDI-Mini (with 1" global shutter sensor) or 4KSDI-Mini RS (with 2/3" rolling shutter sensor). This is a passive MFT mount, no power or control signals are provided to the lenses, but this still allows many MFT lenses and adapters to be used (MFT-to-PL, EF, F, B4...even C-mount).

Some mount adapters incorporate focal length reducers (eg. Metabones® Speed Booster® series), converting lenses to have wider angles of view and lower F-numbers than if a basic mount adapter was used. Contact us with any questions or for recommendations on mount adapters.

Several very-wide fisheye lenses are available only in MFT mount, with no comparable C-mount lenses to choose from, so this new MFT mount option allows the 4KSDI-Mini cameras to easily use these lenses for VR 180°/360° applications and other wide-FOV applications.

Examples: - Laowa

Cameras with C-mount are still available and may still be the best fit for very compact configurations. As always, when deciding between camera options, feel free to contact us to discuss your needs in detail.

New Volucam with 4K/120fps Sensor

A new Volucam model is now available featuring the 9MP Gpixel GMAX2509 global shutter image sensor. This brings a new capability to the Volucam series for recording 4K/UHD video at up to 120fps.

With a resolution of 4224x2160 pixels, maximum frame rates are 120fps (8-bit), 100fps (10-bit) or 85fps (12-bit).

This sensor is part of the same family as the higher-resolution GMAX0505 (in our 262G41 Volucam model). It shares the same 2.5μm global shutter pixel design, which leads to an optical format of 2/3" (11.9mm diagonal), matching well with a variety of C-mount lenses.

We're happy to have seen such a strong interest in the Volucam camera series since its introduction earlier this year. The first volumetric capture production studio using these cameras, Avatar Dimension, is now operational and delivering content to their clients - check them out!

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