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  • Real-time synchronized video recording from PC-connected cameras

  • Supports GenICam-compliant USB3 Vision , GigE Vision cameras and DirectShow

  • Easy to use interface with interactive help and user guide

  • Record directly to popular file formats (AVI, TIFF etc.)

  • Supports concurrent recording formats (e.g. Quicktime + TIFF)

Streams 7

  • Real-time synchronized data recording to hard disk

  • Record multiple devices with synchronized playback

  • Support for all camera types and frame grabbers

  • GPS and IRIG receivers, altimeters, IMU/INS, and DAQ devices

  • Compressed or Uncompressed recording options

  • Export to AVI, JPEG, RAW, and many more

  • Networking support for multiple workstations

  • Full scripting, custom filters, and optional SDK available 


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