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Premier volumetric capture studio launches in Vancouver featuring IO Industries Volucam cameras

London, ON, Aug. 18, 2022 - IO Industries congratulates Departure Lounge Inc. on the grand opening of a new volumetric capture studio utilizing IO Industries’ camera technology in Vancouver, BC. One of several production technology divisions of Departure Lounge, the new studio has been unveiled as Metastage Canada, in partnership with Metastage Inc. (Los Angeles, CA). Metastage operates a similar volumetric capture studio and is an industry expert on the production techniques and delivery of immersive projects using this groundbreaking medium.

Metastage Canada’s new studio utilizes 106 of IO Industries’ Volucam™ 12MP cameras, controlled with IO Industries’ StudioCap-VC software. The cameras are arranged to record synchronized multi-viewpoint video of the capture volume onstage. The video is then processed with Microsoft's Mixed Reality Capture Studios volumetric video reconstruction pipeline. The final deliverables are authentic 3-dimensional free-viewpoint recreations of the human performances captured within the studio.

At the recent SIGGRAPH 2022 Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, Departure Lounge hosted an opening event and ran tours daily for SIGGRAPH attendees, welcoming many visitors to enter the new studio to learn more about volumetric capture technology as well as the pipelines and workflows Departure Lounge is deploying to advance virtual and immersive production.

Christina Heller, CEO of Metastage Inc., and Adam Rogers, Co-Founder, VP of Creative / Head of Studio, Departure Lounge Inc, introduce Metastage Canada to visitors

Tours of Metastage Canada ran daily, with shuttle service directly from the SIGGRAPH 2022 Conference

Members of Departure Lounge, Metastage, Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios and IO Industries attended the opening celebration for Metastage Canada

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